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LuggageHero is a Danish startup that was founded in 2016 with a unique idea of disrupting the luggage storage market. Using the principles of the sharing economy, they offer luggage storage in local shops, cafés and hotels in major cities all around the world. On the other end, LuggageHero facilitates a significant extra revenue stream to local shops by ensuring foot traffic to local venues from a powerful group of customers.
We started working with LuggageHero when they had just launched their business in Copenhagen, and needed backing from investors in order to expand into new markets across Europe. After meeting with the founder Jannik and hearing his story and passion for this idea, we quickly knew that we wanted to be part of this journey and started working on the story and visuals that would make the basis for their investor pitch.
$2.25 million

funding raised to date
40+ cities

is estimated to be launched by 2020
From investor and sales pitches to big conference presentations, we make sure that LuggageHero has the visual backing they need for each purpose. We started working with them when they just launched in Copenhagen, and today they are the biggest transatlantic luggage storage network with locations across Europe and the US. We are happy to be part of their journey.
Damon and his team are the most professional and well organized freelancers that I have ever worked with. Not only are they great at bringing your ideas to life, but you will also be dealing with a team that brings in years of experience from working with multiple companies from different industries.
Jannik Lawaetz, Founder and CEO LuggageHero