The best noise cancelling app for your online meetings

Posted by Damon Nofar | March 13, 2020
Sometimes you come by a service that is so good that you just want to share it with everyone you talk to - this is one of those moments. This is not a sponsored post (although it will sound like it), but simply the best noise cancelling app I have used.

Krisp is the name of the app and it essentially mutes all of the background noise no matter where you are, so that your voice is always crisp (duh) and you'll save some headache for the participants in the call. On top of that it can also mute the noise from the incoming sound to save yourself the headache of hearing people typing on their keyboards or similar. Check out their explainer video below and you'll get the idea.
And you might think "that's too good to be true". It might block out some noise, but that much? Listen, try it out and you'll be amazed.

We use it within our remote team all the time and the calls are never disturbed by neither keyboard noise, nor screaming babies in the background. I even put it on for safety during my remote workshops, just to be sure that the sound is crisp and clear.

You can get one free month via this link:

Best of all? It was recently released for iOS and will be out for Android very soon - so you can use it for phone calls as well.

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