Mantle Labs
Remote sensing
Mantle Labs is a company that is disrupting the satellite imaging industry with its deep learning technology that can provide high resolution data from anywhere on the globe. Given their rapid expansion and interest from investors and leads, they felt like their current sales material was not up to par with the quality service they were providing, and reached out to us to see if we could assist in creating a solid sales template for their team to use.
Being in the satellite imaging industry, and essentially selling visual data to their clients, we quickly realized that the sales pitch needed to be very visual to better portray their whole business concept. We did the necessary research to fully understand how remote sensing works but also to get an idea of how the competitor landscape looks. With this in mind, we could go on and create proper visualization of the content while making sure that the deck clearly differentiates from the other actors in this field.
The managing team wanted something that looked visual and professional, while keeping it fully editable with user-friendly master templates so that the sales team could update it with fresh data and be able to create great slides from scratch in a matter of minutes. We customized the text placeholders to guide the user in their editing process, plus added slide tips next to the slides - making it very hard to mess up the template.
We used subtle animations in PowerPoint to give life to the static slides and help visualize Mantle Labs product offering.
We selected Damon and his team after evaluating 10 large established companies in the presentation design industry. We were very impressed by the understanding of our requirements and attention to detail. And it was the right decision. The final presentation deck we received was very slick and capturing the exact message we wanted to give our clients. We knew it was a big hit when one of our clients asked who crafts these presentations for us. We will be doing many more projects with Slides in the future!
Rishikesh Sapre, Co-founder Mantle Labs