Gibson Biddle
Product Leadership

Gibson Biddle is the former VP of Product at Netflix who now gives 5-10 talks per month, worldwide. His talks and workshops focus on product management, branding, and leadership, and gives a rare insight into how some of the world's most used and appreciated products are made and managed. We were given the privilege to dive deep into his presentations and help Gibson to present his ideas with more impact.
With 2019 around the corner, Gibson got in touch with us to redesign his whole set of talks to launch this new year with a fresh and modern look that made it easier to convey his ideas. The content he had was great and had received tons of positive feedback, but the visuals were not doing it justice.
Look carefully and you'll notice that my slides now look better! No, I didn't suddenly develop mad design skills. Damon from Slides agency has been super-helpful to me. Thanks to him and his team, I have now lots of shiny new product management & strategy talks.
— Gibson Biddle
After going through feedback from various audience surveys, we worked with Gibson to set up the direction we recommended for his presentations: a consistent and unified look, user-friendly template, and interactive elements to increase audience engagement.
Heard from audience
"I loved the way it was very interactive to the audience. The slides were used very well and accented the talk."
"Those slides are on 🔥🔥🔥"
"Great storytelling! Great case examples! Great presentation skills! Stunning slides!"
This is an ongoing project with Gibson who is constantly improving his talks and workshops. To make it even easier, we've created a slide library with several different layouts and alternatives he can choose from depending on the talk. Almost like a candy shop for slides.
In 2020, we started migrating all of Gib's presentations from Keynote to Google Slides. Main reason for this is because Gib is doing more virtual presentations and workshops, and it just makes it so much easier to make updates by having everything in the cloud. In this transition we also updated all cover designs to make them more impactful when promoting the events.
Damon has been a great help to me. I do about 100 talks and workshops each year and he built a new template for me that makes it MUCH easier for me to build new talks. And, my slides definitely look a lot better. I build lots of new talks each year and Damon has patiently helped me tweak and tune each presentation to present my ideas more powerfully. We work together 100% remotely and the communication has been flawless. He has followed through on every commitment he has made to me. I recommend Slides very highly.
— Gibson Biddle