Nir Eyal
Designing behavior

Nir Eyal is a best-selling author on consumer behavior and the psychology of time management. He came to us with really interesting research about user behavior and how to build habit-forming products. Being an avid keynote speaker in tech and product conferences around the world, the challenge was to create a unified set of visual decks that would grab (and keep) the attention of a big variety of people from different backgrounds and interests.
Nir had already done some great work on the content for his different talks, we simply needed the visuals to be aligned with the story. We created a clean, minimal look that put the key messages in focus by using creative imagery and good typography. Together with Nir's engaging presentation skills, the slides make it easier for the audience to leave with a clear message.
We have worked with Nir for the last years to develop multiple keynote- and workshop presentations that has been shown to tens of thousands of people, and helped him communicate his research in a visual and engaging way.
View one of Nir's talks below (source link)
Damon and his team are wonderful! Timely, professional, and very talented. A pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them."
Nir Eyal